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Colour Therapy and Your Wardrobe

Choosing the right colour when dressing is nothing new and some colours when we put them on suit us whilst other colours scream "Oh no!" take it off. I recently looked in my wardrobe to be greeted by lots and lots of black clothes, black, jeans, black shirts, black jumpers, black, black and more black, you name it most of my clothes were black with the odd splash of colour that shouted wear me but I rarely did.

Fashion rut to say the least and I made a decision that a revamp was needed. Black is a great colour but not everything! After talking to a bunch of girlfriends they said the same about their clothes that their staple colour was black but no real splashes of colour and when we wear colours we do brighten up, feel happier and say with our clothes something that we usually do not verbalise. You can change the layout of your wardrobe and inject that colour that is needed, I started by looking at the underwear and again black and white, great staple colours but I wanted to inject colour.

Before spending a whole heap of money on clothes with colour we have to first consider what colours suit us and what these colours convey. Let's start with good old black….

1. Wearing Grey or Black Underwear - Invisibility and Blending In

Wearing greys and blacks plain colour, but also slimming!

Let's face it, black underwear and grey are fashion basics as my wardrobe proves and those of my girlfriends. We all have the basic black suit or little black dress, black jeans or trousers that are a must wear for a number of different social settings. Aside from the strapless little black dress hanging in the back of the wardrobe, you are very likely to choose to wear black because you prefer to blend in and not make any statement. It does tend to make you feel that you disappear but we should all be able to put ourselves out there and be proud of it. Black can team with different colours perfectly as the black and white look proves season after season. So rather than go for block black colour it up and mix black in as an accessory.

2. Wearing Blue Underwear - Serenity and Calm

Wearing blue Underwear helps create a place of calm and serenity.

Blue underwear is a cool colour and one that is calming and wearing ocean hues of blue is especially calming. Indigo or darker blues can offer more of a comfort zone feeling, almost as if you are sinking into a pool of warm comforting water. Blues in general remind people of their favourite pair of well-worn denim jeans - now that's simply relaxing. (Denim jeans are generally blue hues but white jeans and black jeans this season are also hot.)

3. Wearing Pink Underwear - Open Heart, love and romance

Wearing pink Underwear conveys compassion and an open heart.

At Schultz we love pink and our pink underwear are great sellers. Most people associate pink with girls and many think that pink is a feminine colour. At Schultz we think that pink can be worn by everyone, young and old, men and women and it is also fashionable for all. But more than feeling feminine, wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart and colour that is bold and masculine.

When people are wearing pink, whether they are male or female, they appear approachable and capable of loving others; it simply is such a great colour to wear. If pastel pink colours don't suit you try on something in bright fuchsia or darker.

4. Wearing Purple Underwear - Unique and Special

Wearing purple Underwear shows others that you want to be noticed.

Purple underwear is seldom worn as a neutral colour as it is vibrant. Purple is the wrong colour choice to make if you want to blend in among others it is a bold and "Get noticed colour". A splash of purple brightens up an outfit and compliments most colours. The colour purple, especially shades of violet, will definitely make a "notice me" statement.
Wearing purple shows others that you want to be noticed and that you mean business. If it is your desire to feel special and unique then purple is the right colour choice. Purple is a one of a kind colour.

5. Wearing Red Underwear - Powerful and Confident a colour of danger!

Red Underwear is versatile and just a splash can make a huge statement.

Red underwear is a very powerful and vibrant colour. Wear red whenever you feel a need to portray confidence or would like to boost your self esteem, it is vibrant and attention seeking with so many shades of red there is bound to be a shade that compliments your colour tones.
However, be aware that wearing too much red can make a person come off a little too intimidating to others who may lack self confidence in themselves, so splashes rather than massive blocks and if that long maxi dress is a must for the summer team it with great contrasting accessories. Visualizing the colour red can help ground personal energies so anyone who has "flighty" tendencies will benefit from wearing red to serve as a reminder to ground them selves through the day.

6. Wearing White Underwear - Fresh Outlook - New Beginnings

Wearing white Underwear makes you feel crisp and fresh.

White underwear represents new beginnings a colour of purity and nothing beats dazzling white especially on healthy glowing skin. Putting on a white t-shirt or shirt feels like being given an opportunity to start the day a fresh and energised. Wearing a white garment, as long as it hasn't taken on any discolouration from too much washing, can offer a fresh and bright outlook. But we must remember hat whites can discolour and this s the time to ditch the miscoloured whites and renew or invest in some "Vanish" to see if that works!

7. Wearing Yellow Underwear - Cheerful and Happy - Brazilians love yellow especially yellow underwear

Yellow Underwear raise spirits - uplifting and happy colour.

Yellow underwear carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun a warming happy colour. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. All shades of yellows will cheer you up and help make you feel happier, but must be worn with caution as again too much yellow can drain the colour from some complexions. Wearing yellow out into the world makes an affirmation statement - Happiness and joy. Yellow is certainly an uplifting colour!

What is your favourite colour?

1) Red underwear for him
2) Blue underwear for him
3) Yellow underwear for him
4) Purple underwear for him
5) Pink underwear for him, for her
6) White underwear for him, for her
7) Black underwear for him

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