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What to wear - simple solutions

Presidents and x-prime ministers have been photographed wearing jeans from Barak Obama donning his blue jeans to Mr.Blair wearing casual jeans when he takes his children to the park. Celebrities have always worn jeans with style and panache for decades such as the young and charismatic Zac Efron in his casual Urban Jeans and Katie Holmes in her boyfriend cut jeans. The big jeans manufacturers have advertised in papers and television using hot, hunky and sexy models exuding sexiness and style.

Denim can be sexy, rugged and comfortable to name but a few words that describe a fabric that has a long history of providing comfortable and hard wearing clothes for men and women, usually jeans. Denim is the one fabric that is so versatile that every generation, gender, culture and body shape can wear a piece of denim usually jeans and feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

With the increasing informality of modern life, jeans are the great staple of Western costume, worn in all realms of life from the suburban shopping centre or the office to sturdy and protective work wear. Denim in different weights is versatile for all types of jeans.

Jeans don't have to be just worn with a casual designer t-shirt dressing up your jeans means that jeans have that added versatility to could take you to a business meeting or presentation if you work in the creative sector! When your designer jeans are teamed with a jacket or quality jumper, v-neck or round neck what ever style fits your figure and compliments your face wear them teamed for extra impact.

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