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Designer jeans...

Dead and buried...
it's the end of the belt for jeans as we know it

The Schultz Strap...
what does it all mean for jeans?

Designer jeans from schultz jeans

Designer jeans that fit. This year it's all about the worn jeans - and you won't need your belt again either. I'm serious. Don't make me come over there with my strap, young man!

Seriously though, if you're going to spend your hard-earned money on a pair of designer jeans, you had better make sure what you get is not going to be some fly-by-night trend that only looks good on rock stars and fashion models. What you want is classic jeans tailoring from a clothing designer with three generations of experience and the ability to bring a unique edge to a wardrobe standard.

“So, exactly what constitutes a pair of designer jeans with classic tailoring?” you ask.

“Somebody should spend more time listening to his girlfriend when she talks about clothes.” we reply.

A classic pair of designer jeans comes in a cut that never goes out of fashion, like Schultz men's straight leg jeans. You can get even get them with the modern twist of a slightly narrower cut which still looks timeless, but has a bit more sophistication to it and is the hottest thing in men's fashion right now.

“OK, we get classic - you mean old-fashioned. How can something old-fashioned be unique or edgy?” you ask.

“Now you're talking fashion basics!” we reply.

Our jeans are anything but old-fashioned. They may be cut in a style that men have worn for generations, but they've worn that cut for generations because it gets them girls. Our jeans are modern because they're designed to be worn low-slung at the hips instead of on the waist, placing them firmly at the forefront of fashion because you can show off the waistband of your designer underwear.

Our jeans are also designed to be worn using a Schultz Strap to hold them up so you don't need a belt. With a Schultz Strap holding up your jeans - need we remind you that Schultz is the only jeans designer that offers this ingenious design? - you can change your look from casual to smart by simply changing your strap and how snugly you fasten it.

When you buy designer jeans from Schultz, you are investing in clothing you'll be wearing for years to come.

So stop wasting time asking questions, view our online shop and get shopping!

The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live

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