The early history of the t-shirt and fashion

It took less than a century for the t-shirt to become a basic garment for every one to wear and not just the cowboys from the wild west.

Everyone but everyone has worn a t shirt at some time in their lives and this has facilitated the manufacture of t shirts from the cheap and cheerful to Haute Couture selling at hundreds of pounds.

Since the first concept of the t-shirt manufacturers have constantly been improving the quality, design and dressing it up with messages, telling the world about some cause or another.

T-shirts are a fashion accessory they are a statement of who we are. Emblazoned with brand logos, they have become an outward sign of wealth the only down side of this was that it spawned a whole industry of fakes. Which we have talked about in the blog.

In the 1940's the United States was controlled by two powerful brands the first one being Hanes which was established way back in 1800 and still in business even today. They have a few more products available which all companies seem to have to do to keep in business nowadays. The second company was Union Underwear.

In the 1940's the American GI's arrived in Europe in their white t-shirts and dog tags making an impact and raising a few eyebrows, their fashion sense not only influenced fashion for adults it also influenced fashion for children. The Petit Bateau brand fitted the T-shirt with its broad neck, known in French as the "American fit," designed so that the babies head could fit easily through the neck of the t-shirt.

In 1957 "Fruit of the Loom" adorned the Starlets hanging our in St.Tropez who were borrowing their boyfriends t-shirts. Girls wearing men's t-shirts was even poplar way back then. I wonder if this is why we seem to sell a lot of t-shirts to women, either they are very generous and like lavishing gifts on their fellas or they like wearing the t-shirts themselves and who can blame them. Schultz T-Shirts fit well and are made from 100% pure cotton<. Either way I am sure the t-shirts look hot!

Fashion and the t-shirt went forward with stars of the day such as Brigitte Bardot who were wearing t-shirts made from striped cotton jersey, the garments were flying off the shelves. By the 1960's youth were the leaders of fashion and in 1960 Elle the Magazine coined the phrase "the summer sweater".

The t-shirt has moved on a long way from plain white round neck with the 60's dressing up t-shirts with crepe, pearls, with varied colours and designs. The story continues. Start shopping now at Schultzjeans T-Shirts.

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