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If you're a man who's been looking for something a little different in designer jeans then look no further. Schultz jeans are that something special. And it's all down to the Schultz Strap, a unique (international patent pending) invention that does away with the need for a belt. One adjustable strap on the rear of the waistband can adjust the waist to suit you. Another adjustable Schultz Strap on the inside front waistband stops your Schultz jeans falling down...even with the buttons undone and the fly fully open. How's that for different?

If you're tired of run-of-the-mill, same-old, same-old, boring, same-as-everyone-else is wearing jeans...then Schultz can give you that exciting new look you've been searching for. Frankly, it's a mini-revolution in designer jeans fashion for men. It's true, not everyone will want to walk around with their fly undone. But then not everyone wants to be different and stand out from the crowd. It's ok, you can still wear Schultz designer jeans with the fly done up. We'll leave it up to you to decide how much you want to be a show off!

Belts are boring. Belts are old news. Belts are has-beens. The Schultz Strap is new, it's exciting, it's unique...and it's only available on designer men's jeans from Schultz. You will not see this innovation on any other jeans for men (unless they try and copy us of course, in which case we'll see them in court...thanks to our international patent pending!). Men's jeans have been in desperate need of something new for decades. The Schultz Strap now means you can throw away your boring old belts for good and Strap up your jeans with Schultz.

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