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Just because you happen to fancy a pair of Schultz jeans and pants, there's no need to go to such extremes, ladies! Now that we've launched a range of underwear and jeans especially for women, you can order your own pair exclusively from Schultz. Now there's no excuse for tying your man to a chair, stripping him naked and walking off with his Schultz jeans and undies...unless of course you really want to! Don't let us spoil your fun!

The Schultz Strap is a brand new innovation in jeans for women. Perhaps you like to wear your jeans really low on the hips? If so,  there's a good chance you'll be constantly hitching them up. The Schultz Strap does away with this problem. With the Schultz Strap in place, your new designer jeans won't fall down, no matter what you get up to! And, if you really feel like it, you can quite happily show off your Schultz designer underwear; just the waistband for the shy, retiring types, or if you're a little more extravagant with the fly wide open and your pants on full display. Show off your pants with pride, girls!

Some people will do anything to get hold of a pair of Schultz jeans. Resorting to tying a guy to a chair and stripping him of his Schultz jeans and underwear does seem a little extreme though! Now that we've created a range of Schultz jeans and underwear specifically for women, you just don't need to go quite as far now...although if you really want to go all the way, we're not gonna stop you!

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