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Schultz Jeans
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Schultz Men's Designer Jeans

Let's face it, Schultz designer men's jeans are pretty hot. You know what that means? When you wear Schultz jeans, you'll look pretty hot too. We sell only the most current straight leg styles that are also easy to wear for just about any body shape, so you're bound to find a pair of men's jeans that will make women swoon.

Even better, all our men's jeans are designed to be worn with our unique Schultz Strap so that not only will you never need a belt, but you can wear your jeans low-slung on your hips without having to worry about them falling down. This means that they are perfect to show off the waistband of your designer underwear.

If you are well-endowed and proud, you can even wear your jeans open so the whole world can see. Plus, you can show off your mind-blowing Schultz undies better that way.

We take pride in the quality of our jeans because we want you to wear them proudly; and, hey, our logo is on the arse - so if Schultz jeans didn't look good and they fell to bits, we'd look pretty stupid wouldn't we?

The mens jeans come in three straight leg cuts, one slightly narrower than the others, and two waist heights, medium and medium low. Our styles each have their own distinctive colour from vintage blue, to dark navy to white, and they all come with a low 5-button fly.

Schultz mens jeans look good, they're comfortable and they come with two Schultz Straps so you can get rid of your belt. What are you waiting for? Have a look at our shop and order a pair today.