Ladies Jeans by Schultz And also, Jeans for the Lady Jeans  for ladys by Schultz
Jeans Boxers Schultz Strap

Ladies jeans...
stolen from men

A lady in jeans....
denim with a difference

Jeans that can also be worn by ladies

Girls, please! There's no need to steal our jeans! Your very own range of Schultz designer jeans for ladies is coming very soon. Featuring exactly the same exclusive Schultz Strap as the men's versions, you too can express your attitude and mood by showing off your Schultz underwear, either just the waistband, or just go all the way and wear them with the fly wide open. That's bound to get you, can we have our jeans back now, please...?

Schultz designer jeans are not just for men. Thanks to the huge interest shown in our Schultz jeans, we're introducing a complete range of jeans especially for women. They have the same unique Schultz Strap as the men's range, which is what makes Schultz designer jeans so different from everything else that's available. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need an outstanding pair of Schultz designer jeans for ladies...coming soon!

It seems some girls will go to any lengths to get their hands on a pair of Schultz designer jeans. It recently came to our attention just how far one particular girl was prepared to go...having got her man back to his apartment, she tied him up, stripped him of his Schultz designer jeans, even his Schultz underwear...and then...stripped off her own clothes...and...and...stole his Schultz underwear and jeans and left him still tied to the chair! Cheeky bint! If she waits a few weeks, she can get her hands on her own pair!

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