Buying ladies' underwear: what to get for the woman who likes to steal your Y-fronts.

Forget "fish out of water." The saying should be, "man in a lingerie shop" because nothing on Earth is more awkward than a man in a shop that sells ladies' underwear. With all the shapes, sizes and colours and ladies underwear on the racks, it takes about 15 seconds before the average man breaks out in a cold sweat, paranoid that the saleswomen and the other shop patrons are staring, worried that someone he knows might see him and think he's buying lingerie for himself.

Once he's gotten past the initial problem of being in a room full of frilly women's knickers, lacy bras and flimsy teddies, he then has to struggle to pick something out that his girlfriend or wife will like, find comfortable and which will flatter her shape. The average man, however, is probably too busy trying to get women out of their underwear to pay that much attention to what it looks like on them. So how do you choose?

Schultz has taken the trauma out of buying sexy knickers for your ladies.

Our ladies' underwear is based on the styles that men like so much, only reshaped to flatter the female form. Guys, you know what they're meant to look like, you know that women like stealing your clothes to wear around the house because they're comfortable, and you know that women look undeniably sexy wearing your clothing. So buying her Schultz ladies underwear will make her look good and make her feel good and she'll be able to wear them every day instead of just under her best dress.

Not only will the cut and shape of either our ladies y-fronts or our ladies briefs look fantastic, but our ladies underwear comes in feminine colours and with the same cheeky slogans on the waistbands as our men's underwear, so just like you, she can show them off under a pair of low rise jeans, probably your Schultz jeans stolen out of your wardrobe.

Schultz ladies underwear could be the best gift you ever give her, so what are you waiting for? Get over to our online shop and get your wallet out now!

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