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Schultz Jeans

Designer belts are for pantywaists

Schultz Strap - mens belt alternative mens belt alternative video

If you're hardcore about fashion, what you need is a strap.

Do you really want to be left fastening up your trousers, buckling your belt and struggling to keep up with the trends while the other men are blazing forward, beltless and proud?

Those trailblazing men, belts nothing more than an unhappy memory, are confident that they will never look like high-waisted granddads, able to wear low slung jeans and positively certain that they will never, ever have to unceremoniously heft up their jeans while chatting up a hot chick at the bar.

Let's face it, mens belts are there to hold your jeans up; and men's designer belts are nothing more than fashion's cruel punishment - a sound lashing for following the pack instead of leading it. Well, show fashion that you're not whipped. Prod yourself out of your style coma, belt those skinny jeans where it hurts and get to grips with the future - the Schultz strap.

Once you have tried your first pair of designer jeans fitted with a Schultz Strap, you will never wear a belt again. With buttons built into the waistband at both the front and the back of every pair of Schultz jeans, you can attach the adjustable strap of your choice and have the comfort of free movement and the pleasure of knowing that you are no longer following the trends, you are setting them. You can have that flash of colour if you want, or you can go low key and nobody will ever know. Or, if you're feeling really cheeky and you want to make an impression, you can even wear your jeans open and show off the slogan on your undies as well as your strap.

So why are you still wearing a belt? Men, prepare to ignite your masculinity and take the first steps into the future of men's clothing. Strap yourselves in and get your blowtorches ready, it's time to burn your belts - buy a pair of designer jeans with a Schultz Strap today.