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Things men need to know about what women think about men's underwear

Most women are pretty convinced that men don't buy their own underwear - their mothers buy it for them, thereby explaining the average man's steadfast adherence to the white y-front or boxer short. Think about it guys - do you really believe that a woman seeing you in your underwear wants to be reminded of your relationship with your mother?

Your mother sees her little boy when she looks at you, and when you wear the same underwear as an adult that your mother chose for you when you were a child, you look like a boy attempting to dress like a man.

Women know that well-made, well-fitting designer underwear can make your clothes fit better and will help you feel good about yourself. Women don't want to see their men in tatty, old grandfather pants any more than men want to see women in giant, Bridget Jones-style knickers. Choosing the right underwear is as important as choosing the right jeans or t-shirt.

Your underwear should do more than just offer a bit of support and keep your jeans from getting sweaty. A good pair of men's underwear will help shape your bum and flatter your family jewels. An even better pair of underwear will look just as good as they make you look.

The attention you pay to the small details, such as your smalls, can really impress the ladies. Show her that you're not tied to your mother's apron strings and that you're a man who's capable of making a bold statement about who you are and what you want. Show her you have a bit of flair, you understand that fashion can be fun and that you're not afraid to flaunt your designer underwear.

Your lady will want to see you in pants that reflect your personality. She will want to see you in something tight, not uptight. Show her you're no mama's boy. Buy your own underpants. Buy Schultz underpants.

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