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Mens Underwear - Boxer Shorts

Mens underwear - Boxer shorts colourful, sexy and enhancing.

Boxer shorts are a type of mens underwear, which was originally copied from the boxer shorts worn by pugilists, designed to be big and baggy. Today the boxer short has developed to be more comfortable and colourful than ever before. The European influence liberated mens underwear with wonderful colours and design cuts that enhance and compliment skin tones and mens figures.
Mens underwear and primarily mens boxer shorts have moved on from large baggy cotton shorts that can be bulky under jeans to sleek body fitting boxer shorts that are sexy and colourful. Men have developing a more discerning approach when buying their underwear and are demanding something more from their underwear than ever before.

Mens underwear today gives greater freedom with a wide choice of fabrics colours and design available, making mens underwear even more exciting. Boxer shorts were brought to the attention of the masses in the 1980's and I think anyone of a certain age will remember an Ad on the television where a certain young Nick Kamen stripped to his boxers in a 1950's laundrette in a famous Levi jeans advert, raising the profile of boxers as well as Mr Kamen!

Mens underwear has moved on from the early boxer short designs which were large and loose fitting, these boxer shorts are still available but a growing number of men are opting for the closer fitted boxer shorts which are wonderfully comfortable.
Mens underwear has changed for the better as the old type boxer shorts were rarely made from stretchy fabric but today mens underwear and specifically boxer shorts are made from luxurious stretchy cotton fabric - well Schultz underwear is anyway! which is not only comfortable it fits the contours of the body wonderfully changing the fit and feel of mens underwear for the better. With a wide range of colours and trims today designers think more about the details that enhance and compliment the figure. Schultz designers love designing for the male figure and have designed a superb range of mens underwear that enhances the male physique.

All of the Schultz mens underwear range - boxers, briefs and y-fronts are designed with quality in mind. Schultz Boxer shorts are made from 100% top quality cotton that fits and enhances, trimmed with complimentary colours that finish off the boxer shorts perfectly. The full underwear range is colourful, sexy and flirty.

Whatever colour you are looking for Schultz mens underwear can provide to you a top quality boxer short from wicked white boxers trimmed in pink to brilliant black trimmed in white which enhances the contours of the boxers Schultz has a fit and colour are ideal for you. Click through to the underwear pages and happy shopping.

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