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Naked Underwear

Naked Underwear - exciting and fashionable

Naked underwear has never been so colourful or varied than today, making it a wonderful experience when shopping for your underwear.

Men have worn underwear for thousands of years, though today it would be surprising if anyone would be caught wearing any of the earliest pieces of naked mens underwear except for a fancy dress party! Mens naked underwear was originally the loincloths worn as outerwear, for cave dwellers which covered their modesty. During the 13th Century, pull on naked underwear was invented and naked underwear became an important garment for not just men but women too. Not only did naked underwear help shape the figure, it also kept our ancestors clothes clean as clothes were rarely washed and toilet habits were far from wonderful naked underwear became a very good idea indeed.

In Europe the mens naked underwear evolution went into full swing - men started wearing cod pieces, long johns, undershirts and drawers. The Europeans have always lead the way with mens underwear, then and now. Naked underwear fashions and trends always seem to start in Europe with innovative designers and bold designs that push underwear boundaries, especially in mens underwear as the Europeans are great at trying something different when designing mens underwear.

Mens naked underwear has continued to change significantly during this Century, with the emergence of liberating colours and styles that enhance and contour the male figure. Mens naked Underwear has never been as exciting as it is at the moment and underwear has helped create the shape and look for the outer clothes we wear. Mens Underwear has played a big part in fashion trends especially today, after all you could not wear your skinny jeans with a big pair of bulky boxer shorts and nothing fits better than a pair of fashionable briefs.

With the wide choice of underwear shapes available today men have never had it so good, however not everyone likes the "tanga" or "thong" look but thank goodness for the wonderful boxers and briefs and not forgetting the updated y-front briefs in bold and bright colours. Underwear is exciting, sexy and practical.
Schultz underwear leads the way with bright colours and fantastic styles that are tried and tested enhance and contour the male figure. With a wide choice of colours and three fantastic styles Schultz mens underwear has a style and colour to suit you.

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