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Pink Underwear

Pink Underwear for Men and Women

Pink underwear what a perfect colour and clothing item especially when it is pink. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner and pink has been labelled as the hottest colour for spring and summer. Pink for everything from pink underwear to pink hats can be found on-line and the high street. At Schultz we love our men's and ladies pink underwear with a passion. When wearing pink underwear we also need to remember that pink is the colour of romance again another reason to wear pink underwear, romance and love and happiness , perfect.

In magazines pink is splashed everywhere, even Sunday supplements such as the Sunday Times Style Magazine are saying that sales of coloured underwear is up by more than 60% and men especially are choosing Pink underwear. Women wearing pink underwear is nothing new but now more and more men are opting for pink underwear which is fun and flirty. However, we must not forget good old white underwear which gets a bashing when a new colour emerges, white underwear is s staple of anyone's underwear drawer and a hot man in hot white boxers is a wonderful sight.

Mens pink underwear has never been so exciting and now so many more men are buying pink underwear realising that it is a brilliant colour. It's a fabulous colour that brightens and warms up skin tones, it warms up the paler tones and contrasts darker skin perfectly as photos on the Schultz blog prove.

At Schultz sales of pink underwear is growing and growing and going from strength to strength and after all if buying underwear, especially pink underwear can cheer you up, you just have to do it. In today's economic climate we have to do anything to cheer ourselves up and if it means "Splurging" on underwear that makes us feel happy you just have to do it.

"Men love colourful underwear, with a choice of colours from Perfect Pink to Racy red and the witty straplines just add something to our Schultz underwear" said Richard Schultz design director. He went on to say that sales of pink underwear have increased as men love to wear pink as it perks them up."

Pink Underwear at Schultz. We have plenty of choice and our pink underwear is very popular have a look and buy your own pink underwear direct from Schultz.

"Hands Free" Perfect pink men's briefs
Luxurious cotton pink briefs designed to fit comfortably complete with the top selling "Hands Free" strapline.

"Hands Free" Perfect pink men's boxers
100% cotton pink relaxed fit boxers designed to fit comfortably complete with the top selling "Hands Free" strapline.

"Heatseeker" Perfect pink men's briefs
Cotton pink men's briefs complete with the top selling "Heetseeker" strapline.

"Heatseeker" Perfect pink women's briefs

Not forgetting the women, who just love wearing pink underwear these cotton briefs are perfect for everyday and every night wear topped with the top selling "Heetseeker" strapline to add a touch of cheekiness.

"Heatseeker" Perfect pink women's y-front briefs

Fantastic pink underwear for women, made from luxurious cotton these wonderful y-front pink briefs are finished with the top selling "Heatseeker" strapline.

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