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Schultz - the ones to Watch
This UK-based label offers the low-slung jeans look without the risk of over-exposure, and has already courted controversy in the process.

There's nothing like getting yourself banned to court a little extra publicity, and that's exactly what happened to Manchester based jeans label Schultz, when a risqué ad for its men's underwear collection appeared on You Tube, only to be withdrawn for being "too hot to handle". Now that the heat has died down, the label is looking to grow the UK stockist base for its trademark denim range, which offers jeans featuring an internal strap, which means they can be worn seriously low-slung without fear of them ending up on the floor. In its ad campaigns, the label even goes far to suggest wearing the jeans with fly open, handily exposing the range of Schultz underwear which users of you Tube can now longer see.



press release

It's the end of the belt as we know it…
Thanks to the revolutionary new Schultz strap*, there's a whole new way of wearing jeans. If you like your jeans low-slung or even open at the fly, the Schultz strap keeps your jeans on and your hands free from constantly hitching them up.

Designed to replace the traditional belt, the Schultz strap can be worn on the back or front of the jeans.

Two buttons on each side of the jeans on the rear waistband 'cinch' in the waist for a comfortable, belt-like snug fit. Worn at the front on the inside of the jeans, the Schultz strap gives sufficient support to even allow you to wear your Schultz jeans with the fly open, displaying your new designer Schultz underwear (and anything else you may feel like showing off!)

All Schultz jeans come with two straps. They're interchangeable and even upgradeable! We'll be introducing new designs constantly so you can change the whole look of your Schultz jeans by simply purchasing a new Schultz strap.

There's a unique range of Schultz designer underwear on the way too. Designed with a modern attitude in mind, the underwear features a range of slogans that can reflect your mood of the day!

All in all, Schultz is about wearing great looking clothes with a point of difference. Be a trend setter rather than a follower; have something to say and say it with attitude!



GIRL POWER has invaded one of the last remaining strongholds of traditional masculinity - the Great British Y-front, according to internet knicker entrepreneur Richard Schultz

For when his on-line fashion brand Schultz Jeans launched a new range of stylish men's underwear they assumed the thousands of women visitors to their website were buying sexy undies for their boyfriends and husbands.

But when they began getting emailed testimonials from the Schultz Jeans Y-front fans it suddenly dawned on them that the girls had made a grab for the guy's unmentionables.

"It came like a bolt from the blue," said Richard from his office in Cheadle, Manchester. "When we launched we were aiming at the stylish male market and offered high fashion, high quality jeans with a range of quality underwear.

"We launched the brand last year and focused on our high quality jeans for men range. Then we followed up with a range of underwear for men. The idea was to offer style with humour so the underpants carried quirky slogans on the waistbands.

"Our aim was to build a cool high quality brand and growing numbers of visitors to the website and increasing sales soon suggested we were succeeding. Thousands were clicking onto our website but when we started analyzing the figures it soon became clear that a great many of them were women.

"I assumed they were buying underwear for their men folk but, it appears I was wrong. When we looked closely we discovered that many women loved our Y-fronts, so much so they were wearing them for themselves."

Richard and his business partner father Otto were delighted with the female interest but decided to have a women's' range designed and made as quickly as possible.

"We were determined to make sure our underwear was appropriate for ladies, if you know what I mean," said Richard. "However, both ranges look remarkably similar so I guess it's a case of girls will be boys!"

Now that the website is aimed at men and women, it contains photos and video clips of pretty girls in Schultz underwear as well as hunks. And one video sequence features a gorgeous model stripping a hunk of his Y fronts so she can were them herself.

"It's a very sexy sequence and it says it all," added Richard. So there's never been a better reason for the guys to click on and see what we have to offer.

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You Tube

An on-line video featuring a wrist-bound male model wearing just a pair of sexy underpants from Manchester based style icons Schultz Jeans has been banned by You Tube for being too hot to handle.

Visitors to the social-networking site complained that footage of the hunky male underwear-clad model pleading for his release left too little to the imagination and You Tube bosses took the decision to pull the plug.

But Richard Schultz, Managing Director of the fashion house denied the shoot was in any way offensive and said he had not received any complaints from the thousands of customers who visit the Schultz Jeans website.

"We place a number of our promotional videos on the You Tube site because it's all about reaching the right audience," said Richard speaking from his office in Cheadle. "We produce up-to-the-minute jeans and men's and women's underwear ranges that appeal to those who take style seriously.

"The video in question features a guy in a pair of our stylish underpants and yes his hands are bound - but that ties into the 'I want out' slogan on his briefs and is in no way a reference to bondage as some have suggested.

"Most of our underwear range features amusing slogans and that's what Schultz Jeans is all about - style with humour. Yes our stuff is seriously sexy but it can also raise a smile and make the wearer not only look good but feel good too.

"I really don't see how the film could offend. The guy is hunky and his underwear is fashionable and looks great but viewers see nothing more than a good looking man in his stylish underpants - and he even smiles to camera."

The You Tube ban is unlikely to stop the phenomenal growth of Schultz Jeans which does not reach its first birthday until June this year. The company was set up by Richard, 42, and his rag trade veteran father Otto less than a year ago.

"My dad spent a lifetime manufacturing menswear in various businesses in Manchester after arriving in this country from his native Hungary after the 1956 revolution," explained Richard. "At one stage dad's company even supplied fashion wear to boutiques owned by Man United legend George Best."

Then last year Richard, who also learned the basics of quality tailoring under his dad's guidance before trying out other occupations including I.T, felt there was a gap in the market for a new web-based high quality fashion range.

So he and Otto decided to combine their rag-trade expertise with the latest developments in IT and the internet to launch Schultz

"We've been going a full speed every since," said Richard. "Our website gets hits, and orders, from around the world but we really are beginning to make a name for ourselves here in the UK.
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FATHER'S Day gifts never looked like these! But bosses at Manchester-based on-line fashion house Schultz reckon their sexy and fun range of underwear for men is going to be very popular this year.

Orders have already been flooding in for the range of briefs and boxers which manage to combine style with humour - just a quick look humorous slogans on the waistband is enough to raise a smile.

Many of the styles had a very public airing in Manchester city centre recently, when hunky models posed for advertising shots at various landmarks.

"We did the shoot in the early hours of the morning when the city was all but deserted," explained MD Richard Schultz, from his office in Cheadle. "Even so, we seem to have scored a hit with a lady police officer and her colleagues who came to see what we were doing."

Prices for the underwear start at £17.50 but visitors to the website will see Schultz also offer high quality jeans and a womens' underwear range."

For further information click onto


Schultz Y-Front

Who would have thought that the traditional British Y-front could become a sexy stylish must-have for girls! Well on-line fashion house recognised this unlikely lingerie market leader when they found ladies snapping up their men's range.

"Initially we thought they were buying them for husbands and boyfriends but research showed they were buying them for themselves," said Richard Schultz MD. "That's when our ladies collection went into production - and they've been flying off the shelves ever since."

But why Y-fronts? "The ladies tell me they are supremely comfortable and the guys think they are incredibly sexy - on girls."


Schultz - fashion Shoot

HOURS after a tartan army left Manchester in a sorry state, the city centre was the scene for a very different invasion in the early hours.

A band of beefy hunks in trunks accompanied by lighting men and photographers took over the deserted streets for a shoot by city based fashion brand

At one point male models in figure-hugging SchultzJeans Y-fronts were seen marching across the zebra crossing in King Street. It was such an arresting site that a couple of police officers approached shoot director Neil Priddey for an explanation.

"The police lady seemed very interested and wanted to know what we were doing," said Neil who lives in Middleton. "We explained it was a fashion shoot for SchultzJeans and they were perfectly happy.

"The city centre provided a fantastic backdrop for a shoot that is providing some important images for the SchultzJeans brand."

SchultzJeans MD Richard Shultz, who lives in Cheadle said: "The Schultz brand is all about making a fashion statement but retaining a sense of humour. I'm sure ladies finding themselves out in the centre of Manchester in the wee small hours would have something to smile about.

"And if they click onto our website they'll certainly be smiling at our ladies range of underwear too."



CFH Communications Press Release

A distinctive campaign that not only launches a new brand of men's designer jeans, but also introduces a whole new way of wearing them - with the fly wide open! It's the end of the belt as we know it!

Welcome to Schultz designer jeans for men, and a whole new way of wearing jeans. The Schultz Strap is probably the biggest revolution to happen to jeans since the re-introduction of the button fly. Why is it so special? Simply because the unique Schultz Strap allows you to wear your jeans as low slung on your hips as you like. You can even wear them with the fly open and your jeans won't fall down, no matter what you get up to.

The Schultz Strap (international patent pending) is unique and exclusive to Schultz designer jeans - it works by acting as an adjustable strap across the front or back of the jeans. The leather strap at the back can be fastened in two positions to pull in the waist slightly. The denim strap at the front, acts like an internal waistband and is also adjustable for a narrower or wider fit for whichever is most comfortable for you. All of this means that you don't need a traditional belt ever again. The belt is dead, long live the Schultz Strap.

Following on from the successful launch of men's jeans, Schultz quickly introduced a range of men's underwear (complete with cheeky and provocative waistband slogans) in both boxers and briefs. Plenty of girls seemed to like the pants too and asked Schultz to make some for them. So they did!

To promote Schultz Jeans to the outside world, we've targeted high circulation men's and women's lifestyle magazines. By driving traffic to the e-commerce website, we can see at a glance how well the advertising performs by the sales figures each month. So, not only are the magazines producing sales, they're big on fashion and high on quality too. Just like Schultz.


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