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Schultz - the ones to Watch
This UK-based label offers the low-slung jeans look without the risk of over-exposure, and has already courted controversy in the process.

There's nothing like getting yourself banned to court a little extra publicity, and that's exactly what happened to Manchester based jeans label Schultz, when a risqué ad for its men's underwear collection appeared on You Tube, only to be withdrawn for being "too hot to handle". Now that the heat has died down, the label is looking to grow the UK stockist base for its trademark denim range, which offers jeans featuring an internal strap, which means they can be worn seriously low-slung without fear of them ending up on the floor. In its ad campaigns, the label even goes far to suggest wearing the jeans with fly open, handily exposing the range of Schultz underwear which users of you Tube can now longer see.




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