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Buy Schultz Designer Jeans and Underwear from Your Local Jeans Retailer

You can also buy Schultz jeans and underwear from shops around the world from Toronto to Edinburgh to Oslo to Berlin.

We realise that sometimes it's hard to tell what size you need if you're trying a brand for the first time.

If you want to try our jeans or underwear on to see which style looks the best on you, or to see how the Schultz strap works, you may be able to buy them from your local designer jeans shop.

Schultz distributors

FRASFASHION GbR - Berlin, Germany

AGD bvba – België

Find our jeans and underwear in the following designer clothing stores:

A.J. Achterhof - Spain
Almost Naked inc.- Canada
Bang Clothing - Australia
Bang Lads - UK
Basic Instincts - Ireland
Bent Ltd - UK
Bernstein Underwear - Germany
Blue bit communications ag - Switzerland
Boy from Ipanema - Norway - UK
Eternity Group, s.r.o - Czech Republic
Ethno-mart Co, Ltd - Japan
Gay Media Store - Germany - Spain
HIS BASIC - Denmark - UK
Kunigks Textil GmbH - Germany
L'Homme International Ltd - Hong Kong
Mannerzone Zurich - Switzerland
Men's Eden - Singapore
Men's Shop APS - Denmark
Millivers - UK
Nice and Naughty - Leeds UK
Nice and Naughty - Brigton UK
Nice and Naughty - UK - France
Oliver Bergmann - Belgium
Pantagon - Germany
PressiePort - Ireland
Ray's Menswear- UK
Skyline GmbH.- Austria
Spexter Handels GmbH - Germany
Staltner & Steiner OG - Austria - Neatherlands
SUB Station - Switzerland
The Global Guys - Australia
The Mens Store Ltd - UK
The Package - UK
The Poster Hut, Inc. - USA
Thoeny & partner - Switzerland
U-Men - Cyprus
Yanhos Co. Ltd - Taiwan
Zaks Clothing Ltd - UK

If you own a high street clothing shop and you would like to stock Schultz jeans and underwear, please contact us for our wholesalers' rates. We would love to hear from you!


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