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Strut your stuff in Schultz Jeans and underwear

The right pair of jeans will make you look stylish and sexy; but a well-chosen pair from a designer label can make you a trend-setter. How you wear your jeans and what you wear under them can change your look in an instant from classic to trendy, from laid back to smart, from modest to adventuresome.

Schultz sell our own brand of menís designer jeans which come with our unique Schultz strap which enables you to go beltless without worrying about your trousers falling down. Learn more about the extraordinary Schultz strap attachment which makes our jeans so unique or shop for jeans.

We also carry both menís and womenís underwear. Designed in bright colours to be worn with the waistband peering out over the tops of a pair of low rise jeans, our underwear range exudes a playful attitude while helping you look your best in your favourite jeans. Plus, itís really comfortable and hard-wearing.

Shop for either mens underwear or ladies underwear.

Every item we sell is ethically produced in a European factory to the highest standard. We take great pride in the quality of Schultz clothes, and weíre so certain that you will be impressed with our jeans and underwear that we offer a simple, customer-friendly return policy.

We charge a single flat fee for shipping so it costs the same whether you buy one pair of boxers or ten pairs of jeans, making it economical to order more than one item. With guarantees like these and our simple, secure online ordering system, how can you resist? We just know youíre going to love our clothes!

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