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Expose Yourself More with Schultz Women's Underwear

So you’ve acquired a pair of boyfriend jeans (from his wardrobe, remember the saying, what’s yours is mine!) or your own super  sexy Schultz designer women jeans and you want to show them off. Now it’s time to buy something that will give you a flash of risqué colour just above your waistband,  something casual and girly, but not frilly, which goes with that casual look and expresses your individual personality. What you need is Schultz women’s underwear.


Schultz ladies underwear really is the perfect thing to go underneath your jeans because our women's briefs are super comfortable for every day wear and they look fantastic. They come in two different styles “briefs and Y-fronts” (but not Y-Fronts as you know it!) hot colours that make a statement, “look and touch if I let you!”  They are made from 100% cotton so they feel great against your skin. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing that since men love seeing their ladies lounge around the house wearing clothes stolen from their wardrobe, you know that when he sees you in a pair of Y-fronts designed especially for women he’s going to think you look hot and sexy – which you will!


With a choice of two styles, three colours - black, white and a very feminine pink - and three slogans, you can buy a pair for every mood and every day of the week. Schultz ladies underwear is comfortable, hard-wearing and will hold its shape and flatter yours, hugging your womenly curves and making you look even sexier. Our briefs and Y-fronts are designed to be worn under our low rise Schultz jeans, and, in particular, that pair of Schultz jeans that you borrowed from his wardrobe!
So, ladies, view our online shop and order some of our sexy underwear.  That way you will have something to show off when you wear his or your Schultz designer jeans - just remember the choice is yours! 
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