Schultz designer T-shirts are designed well with an eye to the detail that sets our designer t-shirts apart from others. Just like all our other products when you wear a Schultz t-shirt you will look good, very good indeed! All of the t-shirts are designed using the best materials and are hand printed with care.

The designer t-shirts have been carefully designed to be worn casually with our jeans range, made from soft cotton they are comfortable and fit well. They also wash well which is also a bonus.

We take great pride in the quality of all our products and we are especially proud of our t-shirts displaying our logo proudly on the "Button fly" t-shirt. At the moment we have four styles and colours "Burn the belt", "Button fly", "Hot in the city" and "T-leaves". With new t-shirts in the pipe line as I type.

Our factories have been carefully sourced and even though the products are not manufactured in England the factories are ethnically run and provide all employees with a decent salary. This was important for Schultz as there has been some bad press about manufacturing abroad so we felt it was important to work as a team with our manufacturers, which we do.

So check out the t-shirt page, the only problem you may have is making that decision which one should I buy today. Check out the t-shirt page. Schultzjeans t-shirts

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