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The Heavenly Appeal Of Sexy White Jeans White Jeans

What could be sexier than white fabric against a well-tanned muscular body? Absolutely nothing! This is exactly why smart companies such as Schultz Jeans are manufacturing sexy white jeans. The style of Schultz Jeans, GreatWhite, is certainly appropriate as their sexy white jeans look great on any man.

White Jeans – the new black

White jeans take the renowned sex appeal of traditional blue jeans up a notch. Fortunately, the style offered by Schultz Jeans manages to retain popular features such as a low button fly and low back pockets. Schultz Jeans has managed to make a pair of white jeans even sexier…

Back to white for Jeans

Their innovative new device called the Schultz strap allows men to wear their jeans much lower or even open at the fly. When you think about it, white jeans are quite a contradiction; white is often associated with innocence and purity. The ironic part is that white jeans look so hot they should probably be red…

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